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Terms and Conditions Hire of a Castcooler.

Hip-Rocker Ltd

Terms and Conditions


The “Complete Contract” is the Document that set out the “terms and conditions” and the “rental agreement” and all other details relevant to a particular agreement and is referred to as the “contract”. In the agreement the “Supplier” also known as the “owner” is Hip-Rocker Ltd. The “Hirer” also known as “customer” is person(s), company or business taking the suppliers equipment on hire. The “equipment” is the hired item(s) supplied to the hirer from the supplier as detailed in the rental agreement.
  Hip-Rocker Ltd agrees to hire equipment to the hirer(s) named on the rental agreement   subject to satisfying any credit reference, proof of Identity and residency checks.
The hirer is responsible for the correct use of the equipment as stated in the user manual on www.hip-rocker.org. Hip-Rocker Ltd is not responsible for and accident or injuries how so ever caused while using the equipment. The customer agrees to the full terms and condition written herein on the signing of the delivery documentation and acceptance of equipment on delivery.


The “Hirer” will pay the hire Charge as stated in the contract. The hire charge will commence from the date of Delivery, and will continue during the period of hire until the equipment is returned to the supplier in a clean and undamaged satisfactory condition. All time is chargeable including weekends and Bank holidays etc. Hire charges are payable in advance of hire, minimum rental period is fourteen weeks unless previously agreed and stated on the rental agreement. Charges beyond the original period of hire shall continue at a weekly rate of £2 per week until the equipment is returned to the supplier.
The hirer will pay the delivery charge as stated on the agreement. The delivery charge includes collection of the equipment.


Before delivery the hirer must ensure there is enough space in a suitable dry secure area. It is the hirer’s responsibility to ensure there is adequate access to deliver the equipment. All deliveries will be made by Interlink Express.


All collections will happen on a pre-arranged date between the customer and Hip-Rocker Ltd if the collection does not happen due to a fault on the customers part there will be a charge of £15 for the collection having to be rearranged.
All the equipment must be returned in its original packaging and in a secure manner. Collection will be done on our behalf by Inter Link Express. The Return Address must be clearly visible on the outside of the box using the pre-printed postage label provided.


All cancelation must be put in writing to Hip-Rocker Ltd a with a 7 days’ notice period. Cancellation charge will be applicable of £10 termination fee and £2.50 per week rental  hire if below the minimum 14 week hire period.


Hip-Rocker Ltd will maintain the equipment, the hirer must let us know when any maintenance is required and notify us of any faults immediately so any repairs can be made within 5 working days, if a repair is unpractical or takes longer than 5 working days a replacement will be supplied.
Should the equipment fail due to misuse of the hirer, the owner reserves the right to charge the hirer for the repair or the full amount of the equipment. Under no circumstances shall the hirer attempt to repair the equipment.
The hirer is responsible for the day to day maintenance of the equipment. The hirer should keep the product clean. The video must be followed carefully before use of the equipment and must be adhered to and any other instructions supplied when using the equipment.


All equipment remains the property of Hip-Rocker Ltd at all times. The hirer agrees to keep the equipment safe, Cannot sell, Pledge or assign or part with possession of the equipment.

Delivery Address

This Address will be the same as the billing address, the equipment must not be moved from this address without prior written permission from Hip-Rocker Ltd.

Insuring the equipment

The hirer must check with their provider to ensure the equipment is fully insured at their property, against all loss of or damage however caused. It is the responsibility of the hirer to keep the equipment insured.
The hirer accepts full responsibility of the care and safe keeping of the equipment. If the equipment is lost, damaged beyond economic repair, or stolen then the hirer shall pay the supplier on demand the full replacement costs.

Conditions of Hire and Use

Hip-Rocker Ltd and its staff are not qualified to give medical advice. We can only give instructions on the use of hired equipment, the use of it is at the customers own risk.
Hip-Rocker Ltd cannot be held responsible for accidents or injuries caused by its use.
The customer must ensure that the equipment must not be used by anyone other than the child mentioned in the rental agreement.
The customer must make sure that the equipment is in good working order before use.

We recommend that all customers contact us with any questions.